Curb vs Curbless Shower: Which is Right for You?

Curb vs Curbless Shower: Which is Right for You?

Curb vs Curbless Shower: Which is Right for You?

Posted on Oct 2, 2023

When it comes to bathroom renovations, one of the key decisions you'll face is whether to opt for a traditional curb shower or go curbless. 

Both have their advantages, but determining which one is right for your bathroom can be a pivotal choice in your project. 

In this post, we'll explore the pros and cons of a curb vs curbless shower, helping you make an informed decision to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Understanding the Essence of a Curb vs Curbless Shower

Before we dive into the details, let's clarify what curb and curbless showers are:

What is a Curb Shower?

A curb shower, also known as a traditional or standard shower, is a familiar sight in many bathrooms. It features a raised threshold, referred to as the "curb," that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom floor. The primary purpose of this curb is to contain water within the shower space, preventing it from flowing onto the bathroom floor.

Curb showers come in various sizes and designs, making them versatile for different bathroom layouts and styles. They typically incorporate a shower pan or base, which is positioned above the bathroom floor level and is sloped to direct water toward the drain. The curb, usually a few inches in height, serves as a barrier that helps to retain water during showering.

What is a Curbless Shower?

In contrast, a curbless shower, often referred to as a walk-in or roll-in shower, is designed without a raised threshold or curb. Instead, the shower floor is level with the bathroom floor, creating a seamless transition between the two areas. Curbless showers are characterized by their accessibility and modern aesthetic.

The absence of a curb allows for easy entry and exit from the shower, making it an ideal choice for individuals with mobility concerns or those who prefer a barrier-free design. Curbless showers are also favored for their contemporary and open appearance, which can contribute to a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom.

Now that we have a clear understanding of curb and curbless showers, let's delve into the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision for your bathroom renovation.

Pros and Cons of Curb Showers

Before making a decision on whether to choose a curb or curbless shower for your bathroom renovation, it's essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option. In this section, we'll delve into the pros and cons of curb showers, providing you with valuable insights to help you make an informed choice for your project.


  • Affordability: Curb showers tend to be more budget-friendly in terms of installation costs.
  • Water Containment: The curb effectively keeps water from flowing out of the shower area, minimizing the risk of bathroom flooding.
  • Design Variety: Curb showers come in various designs, allowing for creative tile and enclosure options.


  • Accessibility: The curb can be a barrier for those with mobility issues, making it challenging to step in and out of the shower.
  • Cleaning: The curb can collect grime and soap scum, requiring regular cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Curbless Showers

Curbless showers have gained popularity in recent years for their modern and accessible design. In this section, we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a curbless shower for your bathroom renovation. Understanding these key points will help you decide if a curbless shower is the right fit for your project.


  • Accessibility: Curbless showers provide easy entry and exit, making them ideal for all age groups and those with mobility challenges.
  • Aesthetics: They create a sleek, modern look and can make a bathroom appear more spacious.
  • Low Maintenance: Without a curb to clean around, maintenance is simplified.


  • Water Management: Proper waterproofing and drainage are essential to prevent water from seeping beyond the shower area.
  • Installation Cost: Curbless showers may involve more complex construction, potentially leading to higher installation costs.

How to Choose the Right Option

To determine whether a curb or curbless shower is right for you, consider these factors:

Accessibility Needs

If accessibility is a priority, a curbless shower is the clear choice.


Evaluate your budget and assess whether you can accommodate the potential extra costs associated with curbless shower installation.

Design Preferences

Think about the aesthetic you want for your bathroom. Curb showers offer more traditional designs, while curbless showers provide a modern, open look.


Consider the available space in your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms may benefit from the visual openness of a curbless shower.


Reflect on your willingness to perform maintenance. Curb showers require regular cleaning of the curb area, while curbless showers offer a simpler cleaning routine.

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In your bathroom renovation journey, the choice between a curb or curbless shower is a pivotal one that can significantly impact the overall look and functionality of your space. Both options have their unique advantages, and the decision ultimately depends on your priorities, budget, and design preferences.

At Custom Baths & Remodeling LLC, we understand that your bathroom is a personal haven, and our mission is to help you transform it into a space that perfectly suits your needs and style. Whether you opt for the classic appeal of a curb shower or the modern accessibility of a curbless design, our experienced team is here to bring your vision to life.

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