10 Types of Toilets and How To Pick The Best Option For You

10 Types of Toilets and How To Pick The Best Option For You

10 Types of Toilets and How To Pick The Best Option For You

Posted on April 30th, 2024

Choosing the right toilet is a decision that goes beyond just aesthetics; it is about functionality, comfort, and integrating efficient solutions into one of the most important rooms in your home—the bathroom. 

With the array of toilet types available today, homeowners can find options that not only match their bathroom's style but also offer enhancements in water conservation and hygiene. 

From traditional models to modern designs that save space and water, the right choice can significantly impact your daily comfort and the environment. 

Factors like the size of your bathroom, the users' needs, and specific features like bidets or dual-flush technology play crucial roles in this decision. 

Knowing the different types of toilets is essential for anyone considering bathroom remodeling or updating their current fixtures. 

Whether you're looking for a high-efficiency model to reduce your water bill or a stylish piece to complement your newly renovated bathroom, there's a solution to fit every need. 

Explore these options and learn how to pick the best toilet for your bathroom project with our guide, ensuring you make an informed choice that combines functionality with style. For more insights and expert advice, visit our bathroom remodeling page

How To Pick The Best Toilet For Your Bathroom Project

Selecting the perfect toilet for your bathroom involves more than just choosing the right color or style. It requires a careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the fixture you select meets your needs in terms of space, functionality, and comfort.

Consider Your Space

The size and layout of your bathroom are critical factors when choosing a toilet. For smaller bathrooms, a compact, round bowl or a wall-hung toilet might be the best choice to maximize space. 

Alternatively, larger bathrooms can accommodate elongated bowls and larger toilets without compromising floor space.

Evaluate the Features

Today's toilets come with a range of features that can enhance the comfort and convenience of your bathroom experience. 

Features like dual flush options, bidet-like functionalities, and enhanced flushing systems that are both powerful and quiet can significantly change your daily routine for the better.

10 Types Of Toilets You Should Consider

When it comes to choosing a toilet, the variety of options available can be overwhelming. 

Getting to know the different types can help you make an informed decision that fits your bathroom’s design and meets your functional needs. 

Here, we explore ten popular types of toilets, each with unique features and benefits that cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

1. Gravity-Flush Toilet

The gravity-flush toilet is one of the most common types found in homes due to its reliable simplicity and ease of maintenance. It uses the natural force of gravity to release water from the tank into the bowl, flushing away waste. 

This system is known for its quiet operation and fewer mechanical parts, which means fewer breakdowns and repairs.

2. Pressure-Assisted Toilet

A pressure-assisted toilet is ideal for those who prioritize performance. 

This type uses pressurized air to force water into the bowl, resulting in a more powerful and effective flush. It is particularly effective in commercial settings or larger households due to its high efficiency in waste removal, though it can be noisier than gravity-flush systems.

3. One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets offer a sleek, modern design where the tank and bowl are integrated into a single unit. 

This design not only looks more streamlined but also eliminates the crevices between the tank and bowl, making cleaning easier. These toilets tend to be more durable and less prone to leaks than two-piece designs.

4. Two-Piece Toilet

The traditional two-piece toilet, with its separate tank and bowl, is known for its practicality and ease of installation. 

This design allows for easy replacement of parts and is generally less expensive than one-piece models. It’s a versatile option that fits well in most residential bathrooms.

5. Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets save space and add a contemporary look to any bathroom. The tank is concealed behind the wall, and the bowl hovers above the floor, making it easier to clean the bathroom floor. 

This type is perfect for small spaces and can be installed at varying heights to accommodate different users.

6. Low-Flow Toilet

Low-flow toilets are designed to conserve water, using significantly less water per flush compared to standard toilets. 

These are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners who wish to reduce their water usage and lower their utility bills. These toilets are available in both gravity-flush and pressure-assisted models to suit various preferences.

7. Dual Flush Toilet

Dual flush toilets offer a choice between a full or partial flush, allowing you to conserve water by using only the necessary amount. The partial flush is suitable for liquid waste, while the full flush is designed for solids. 

This functionality makes it a popular choice for those looking to reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance.

8. Elongated Bowl Toilet

Elongated bowl toilets feature a longer and larger bowl, providing additional comfort especially for adult users. This type is common in newer homes and public restrooms, where comfort and accessibility are prioritized. 

Though they require more space, their ergonomic design makes them a preferred choice for many.

9. Round Bowl Toilet

Round bowl toilets are an excellent choice for tight spaces, such as small guest bathrooms or powder rooms. Their compact design makes them suitable for children and small adults, and they tend to be more affordable than elongated models. 

This type remains a popular option for secondary bathrooms.

10. Chair Height Toilet

Chair height toilets are designed with a taller seat, making them easier to use for the elderly, those with mobility issues, or tall individuals. 

This height is comparable to that of a standard chair, which reduces the strain involved in sitting down and standing up. It’s an essential consideration for accessible bathroom designs.

Each of these toilet types offers distinct advantages, and choosing the right one can enhance the functionality and style of your bathroom. Whether you prioritize ease of cleaning, water conservation, or comfort, there is a toilet that meets your needs.

Get Professional Help Picking The Bathroom That Fits Your Needs

Choosing the right toilet is just the beginning of creating a bathroom that fully meets your needs. Consulting with professional bathroom remodelers can transform this process into a smooth and stress-free experience. 

Our experts can help you pick the perfect toilet as well as ensure that every aspect of your bathroom design is harmonized to your lifestyle and preferences.

Expert Consultation

When you collaborate with seasoned professionals, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge in design trends, space optimization, and technical requirements. 

This guidance is invaluable, especially when incorporating new elements like water-saving fixtures or special-needs facilities. Their expertise can help you avoid common pitfalls and make decisions that increase both the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Tailored Solutions

Each bathroom remodeling project presents unique challenges and opportunities. Professional remodelers tailor their services to each client's specific situation, ensuring that the final design not only looks great but also works perfectly for the individual’s needs. 

Whether it's selecting a toilet that saves water in a drought-prone area or choosing one that accommodates a busy family bathroom, these experts have the solutions.

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